Ring Size Guide



To find your ring size, please print the conversion chart page making sure the "Scale to fit" option is unchecked in the print dialogue box. Use a ruler to check that the scale corresponds to the scale on the page.

Please have a ring handy that you wear on the same finger as the ring you are currently interested in. Engagement and wedding rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of the left hand.

  • Position the ring over the circles shown below to determinate which one matches your size.
  • The diameter should correspond exactly with the diameter of your ring.
  • Please note for your order that Kordas Co. uses European sizing, the number corresponds to that specific size.
  • If you hesitate between 2 sizes, choose the larger one.



Finger size changes depending on the time of the day and the weather. For best results measure your finger size at the end of the day. Do not measure your finger when it is hot or cold. Make sure that the chosen size leaves enough room for the ring to pass easily along the entire length of the finger. If you are hesitating between two sizes, choose the larger one.




*This is for REFERENCE only. Kordas Co. cannot be held responsible for any errors that occur as a result of using this ring size reference chart.